Oye, Wed. 15 June 2022:
Two tragedies happened recently that merited Professor Wole Soyinka’s all-too-familiar interventions.
The first tragedy was that unknown gunmen (who had been gunning down innocent south-easterners with reckless abandon since last year) had for the first time ever also gunned down some innocent northerners.
The second tragedy was that the notorious northern herdsmen stormed Soyinka’s southwest and gunned down in cold blood about 60 churchgoers.
Now, while Nigerians didn’t hear pim from Soyinka since unknown gunmen began last year to massacre and sack the southeastern states, and while they really didn’t hear from him characteristically as the northern herdsmen massacred other Nigerians across the country since 2015, why then must they hear from him now?
Why were the two massacres different from the thousands of previous massacres to Soyinka?
Here was why the two recent massacres were different, even crucial, to the Nobel Laureate’s warped mind:
To state it pump and play, the Nobel Laureate hated the south-easterners as much as he loved the northerners, okay?
His hatred for the eastern Nigerians with his love for the northern Nigerians was what provoked his immediate reaction to what went down in the southeast. To Soyinka, south-easterners must be subjugated.
With overt and tacit support of the presidency, northern herdsmen had been beheading and raping thousands of easterners since 2015. And not once had Soyinka shown any revulsion at all to that.
The same eastern Nigeria had been under siege for the longest time. And not once had Soyinka empathized with it.
But as soon as the forces responsible for the ravaging of eastern lives and land ricocheted for once on northern residents in the east, Professor Wole Soyinka flew out of his repose to incite reprisals against the easterners.
It could also be charged that Professor Soyinka loved the northerners more than his lip-service devotion to his fellow south-westerners.
Otherwise, he couldn’t have dismissed the recent maiming and massacring of his fellow southerners by northerners as an attack meant for his Governor but gone wrong!
Imagine for a minute if the easterners were responsible for that church massacre. Or, imagine if Soyinka could have slightly implicated some easterners in it. He would have called down Hell and The Hague!
The southeasterners may continue to deceive themselves that Professor Wole Soyinka means well for them. But the stark truth is that he actively hates and undermines them. And not just of late, but for at least half a century now.
The evidences are there in his publications and speeches, since his semi-fictional memoir and magnum opus of 1971, The Man Died.
Professor Wole Soyinka capitalized on that one-incident of the killing of an innocent northern family to give a dog a bad name and hang it.
He swiftly cancelled his invitation to the southeast and obliquely sought to ignite a nationwide smear campaign and reprisal attacks against the good people of the southeast.
Let it also be added here that south-easterners who still enlist that Nobel Laureate in whatever they do are still as delusional as their kinsmen who nonetheless embraced Obafemi Awolowo after the war. There is no difference at all between Soyinka and Awolowo.
Professor Soyinka deliberately deployed loaded words such as: “killing of guests,” “bestiality,”
“Their actions reduce us all, tarnish us, and question our humanity,” and
“infanticidal orgy” in his condemnation of the southeast.
The same words he meticulously avoided in condemning the northern herdsmen who invaded his southwest and massacred 60 Worshipers in a church.
Our Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka can do or say whatever the hell he wants with his more-than-half-a-century-old bigotry against his preeminent southeast victims and still get away with it.
How many celebrities (or even individuals) anywhere in the globe are as lucky as he is in so doing?
In three years time, Professor Wole Soyinka shall become a nonagenarian, yet his hatred of the south-easterners remains on the increase.
But do his southeast victims care to know? No!
In fact, the more he undermines and smears them, the more they love and promote him. And the south-easterners who guarantee Professor Wole Soyinka’s good name are his southeastern colleagues and students.
One is persuaded that the south-easterners are not timid, yet one couldn’t help but pop the question: “Is it that the south-easterners can’t figure out in Soyinka’s reactions his hatred of them, or is it that ‘if you want to hide anything from the south-easterner, publish it in a book’?”
By Chuma Oguagha

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