Oye Monday 08 February 2021:

Two recent posts had raised the issue of Igbo people of South East not accepting Igbo people of South South as one of them.

May I remind those who feel that this position is true because the Igbo people of South East are not accomodating to have a rethink.
First, I must remind them that Goodluck Jonathan is an Ijaw man from a State that officially has no Igbo population. Yet, the Igbo people supported his administration, unequivocally, more than his Ijaw tribesmen did.
Till tomorrow, GEJ knows that his popularity amongst Igbo people is like what King David enjoyed in Israel.

Till tomorrow, Igbo people are at home with their kinsmen from Cross River and Akwa Ibom States, how much more an Igbo from wherever? These same kinsmen were not asked to become Igbo. The former Chief Justice of Nigeria Walter Onoghen is from Cross River, yet when Buhari removed him, the Igbo man was ready to go to war!

There’s no denying the fact that Igbo people are proud people and as such are quick to deny them that reject being Igbo. The Igbo people have been through a lot and would not blame anyone or group that feels being Igbo would make him less of a human being.

However, it will be immoral to deny being an Igboman when it is convenient and turn to become one when it suits your purpose, yet turn around to blame the hapless Igbo of the South East. That would be tantamount to eating your cake and having it.

Indeed, unity they say is strength. But that unity cannot under this circumstance be forced. Igbo people of all geographical location should only unit against the understanding that nobody in Nigeria loves him more than he loves himself. Nobody in Nigeria cares whether you are South East or South South. All they know is that you are Igbo and are not deceived when your leaders state otherwise! And please cry out against your leaders when they tow that ignoble part of Igbo betrayal, as you become complicit.

If we must be Igbo, we must remain Igbo, Eke through Orie, Afor, Nkwo. Not Igbo only on the market days and turn to complain that others who remain steadfast, are cheating you.

Regarding the issue of abuse and insult, well it is true that on social media as well as our personal lives, we need to show more caution. Being civil and polite is a Christian virtue and our elders thought us good manners even before the Whiteman brought Christianity to our lands.

By Chibuike Ulu

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