Nkwor Mon. 24 Jan. 2022:
The Igbo Revolution thanks Governor Willie Obiano for all the good he has done for Anambra State. To paraphrase Anambra traditional rulers back in 2017: E to dike na nke o me, o mekwa ozo.
Deje daalu, Akpokuedike na Aguleri. i meka, Akpokue na Anambra.
Not the least of all you did for your dear state are the Anambra International and Cargo Airport, Umueri, and your full support without which the election of Professor Chukwuma Soludo as your successor couldn’t have been possible.
Anambra State is grateful to you like it was to your predecessor, who gave you the same opportunity you now give your successor.
And with all that said, This Revolution now turns to Ndi Anambra with the following advisory:
Anambraians, you have no other homeland anywhere either in Nigeria or in the world; protect and guard your state jealously against disrupters, anarchists, and enemies who pretend to be fellow Igbo or Nigerian.
The Bible calls them wolves in sheep clothing. The Jamaican Reggae band, The Black Uhuru, calls their trick plastic smile with iron teeth.
Ndi Anambra, you basically dodged the bullet with this last election, and if you don’t begin to stand up for your state from now on, your next election in 2025 may be the end of your lucky streak with governors.
Socrates said that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” If you observe, the Igbo forces that failed woefully to sabotage your election in 2017, succeeded partially last year by unleashing terror and bloodletting.
Their partial success last year shall definitely embolden them to plot for complete success in 2025. But their only deterrent will be if you the Anambra citizens galvanize now behind your Governor and government to either scream them down or else hound them out of your state altogether.
Your confidence must be that you do not dictate what happens in any other Igbo state, so how dare other Igbo dictate for your state.
Anambraians, you must bequeath a safe and prosperous state to your descendants, whose hopes aren’t guaranteed in no other Igbo state, talk less of Nigeria.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution
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