I want to comment on a trending video. In the video, the owner of The Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos, Pastor Tunde Bakare, (a Yoruba man) recounts how he was in a meeting recently, where Ndi Igbo were being plotted against.

He says that the meeting was saying that “the Igbos have bought everywhere in Lagos. We must find a way of checkmating them.”

And when the meeting asked for his input, he replied: “Didn’t you sell your properties to them and collect their money? Did they put a gun in your heads to sell your properties?” Answer, No!

I want to tell my Igbo brothers and sisters na agwo no na akilika. And unless we begin right now to meet and conference as an ethnicity (like our fellow majorities do), mmili nkea na elu ga ezo, ma zojie chi, as in 1966.

Translation: We will be massacred again by those who were holding that criminal meeting. Take what Tunde Bakare just revealed as a warning and a foreboding. And don’t say, I personally don’t have any property in Lagos; let those who made the foolish mistake of building in Lagos see it to themselves.

I tell you, as soon as the Yorubas see that they can terrorize Igbo and impound Igbo properties, they will do so. And as they set out to massacre, they won’t let you escape because you swear to them that you are a penniless Igbo. They will massacre you, whether you are an Igbo baby or an Igbo beggar.

Ndi Igbo who are members of Bakare’s congregation, your allegiance is to your ethnicity first and foremost. Just as his is to his Yoruba ethnicity. Your Dear Pastor Tunde Bakare will betray you in a second. He will not come to your rescue and he will not ask after you, when his fellow Yoruba leaders successfully incites government and masses to massacre you and your children in order to roll back what they have lost; in order to eat their cake and still have their cake.

The Quit Notice the Yorubas issued you in 2017 is still on until they can execute it.

Ndibeanyi, only we can help them execute it! How? By i ji ujo dalu enwe na enu.

Nigeria is a federation, where, for an example, as an Igbo, you have no right to trespass on a Fulani or Yoruba man’s property in Igboland. If you try it you are going to jail. Therefore, so it is with our properties in Yoruba or any other land.

Do Londoners and New Yorkers lynch Yorubas who own properties all over London or New York? No!

So why should we give in to illegality and theft?

Ndibeanyi, begin to organize your own ethnic meetings, elitist reinforcements, ethnic security, and weapons for self defence in Lagos, in Igboland, and elsewhere in Nigeria. Therein lies your salvation. Yorubas are not playing, and their allies aren’t either.

If your stupidity endangers your children and you again, don’t blame the Yorubas, and don’t blame God. You’ve had enough time to think like animate beings. But whereas you will again wait like trees and drool like willows for your assailants to charge you and cut you down, blame only yourself.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Igbo, quit whining and man up.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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