The 2021 Igbo Human Sacrifice We Call Referendum or Restructure Agitation

Oye Friday 14 Jan. 2022:
To tell itself self-truths is what every creature owes its kind first and foremost; it is the law of self-perpetuation and self-defense. It is also sacred.
Every successful creature in life (from worms to elephants) lies and dissembles, but not to itself. The day it stretches its lies and propoganda to self-deceit is the day its extinction starts.
And what are self-truths? Self-truths are the opposite of self-deceits. Self-truths are the ability to do what is necessary in defense of oneself, community, and species.
For example, male lions that normally kill baby lions to get female lions lonely and sexual, hesitate to do so. The male lions look past the immediate gains of sex and romance to the enduring gains of multiplying their population in the wild to continue to dominate.
They know there are real strengths in numbers. And, most importantly, they have the godly pride not to weaken their species for other top predators to savage and overthrow as the king of the animal kingdom.
Another example is the game animals that move in herds. They move in herds to maximize their security and increase their population.
We may be the only stupid bunch in this country. We are the only Nigerian ethnicity that sponsors its own depopulation and demolition, and we have a good reason for doing that!
What’s our reason? Our reason is that 6 million cattle Fulanis want to conquer us and take our land, but they can only do that over our dead 36 million bodies!
The ratio is 6 million mostly starving and rural Fulani against 36 million mostly traveled and educated Igbo, for God’s sake! 6 million have access to arms and 36 million are sophisticated and rich! So why is 36 million crying like daddy’s little girl and hitting her head on the wall for a messiah or help?
Igbo lack of common sense is at the root of her habitual destruction even before the satanic Arochukwu Oracle of Nnamdi Kanu’s present Abia State. To stereotype is a social truth of which no one should be scared.
To go down history lane, because the white man wanted to dominate us, we sponsored our own depopulation and demolition through the Arochukwu and Igwekala Oracles of present-day Abia and Imo states, until the same enemy white man saved us by sacking our 419 Oracle in 1900.
Between 1966 and 1970, because Hausa-Fulani massacred and blockaded us, we sponsored secession and flushed almost three million of us Igbo down the drain and our land was pulverized by the same enemies we embraced back as soul brethren and compatriots right after our Holocaust!
We Igbo are a very stupid people. But the most stupid among us are Igbo no na uzo (Igbo in the Diaspora). From America, Europe, Asia, other parts of Africa, Hausa and Yoruba lands, and other parts of Nigeria, Igbo-no-na-uzo sponsor the stagnation and incineration of Igboland today. They sponsor the elimination of free speech, our own elite, and the enthronement of despotism.
Yes, the most stupid Igbo are those of us who sponsor or abet the in-house carnage, or human sacrifice, in our land.
Now, don’t preach to me about making my point without being abusive, because Igbo in the Diaspora is conducting genocide against their loved ones by proxy. So then, how does merely abusing them compare to their capital offense of genocide?
Igbo no na uzo na asponsor alu na eme na Igboland deserve to be excoriated, humiliated, and denounced in the strongest of terms!
Who are Igbo in the Diaspora by the way? They are Igbo anywhere at all outside Igboland: They are Igbo outside mba mmili, Aniocha, Igbanke, other frontiers (from Benue to Equatorial Guinea), and Igbo heartland.
People get educated, get well off, and travel to better themselves and their relatives. Whatever they gain in the course of their peregrinations, they assimilate and translate to improve where they come from.
Arab communion and overwhelming Yoruba presence in the UK, respectively, inform the ethnic politics of attrition that the Muslims and the Yorubas are playing in Nigeria.
Hausa-Fulanis have been understudying Islamic politics and putting every bit of it in practice for their ethnic advancement, and Yorubas are understudying and applying British politics for their regional betterment, but what have we Ndi Igbo been doing?
Whose politics have we copied or understudied to our own benefit? And if we must not copy, what progressive politics are we playing?
I say, Nothing! Politics of nothing! Politics of ndi nkiti. Politics of ndi na amaro ife ma ncha! Politics of self-annihilation!
In the name of stopping 6 million mostly illiterate and starving Fulani from taking our land, Igbo in the Diaspora have been sponsoring the rise of a petty tyrant right out of the street, and his concomitant pulverization of Igboland.
Today Ndi Igbo are dying like flies and starving like refugees of no war. Today, Igbo lawyers, clergy, tycoons, and other heads of families fall in line behind Igbo mobs in fear for their lives, for their loved ones, and for their life’s works. And stupid World Igbo Congressmen and women, Ekwe Nche people, Ohaneze, and others pat themselves at the back as power brokers!
I say, For shame!
Nwa nza na ele na e si, o si na ya na ara nmanu! Unu bu anu sulu be nna ya oku maka oke.
Nke ozo di ka ibe ya bu na the earlier we call a spade a spade, the earlier we stop being played for suckers.
An Igbo zone is behind this terror for its genetic and petty clannish interests. The Abam, Ohaffia, etc. of Imo/Abia headhunters of old are having a field day today.
And just as that zone subdued Igbo in the centuries of the Atlantic Slave Trade and depeopled Igbo into slavery for its clannish purse, so, too, it may destroy Igbo afresh this time to liquidate Onitsha, Nnewi, and Aba markets.
My submission may again seem far-fetched to the would-be victims now, but, by the time they know what is happening, they are already in the belly of that beast again and off to their Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba buyers.
Just like the Arochukwu and Igwekala Oracles of present-day Abia and Imo states pretended to save Igbo from white man’s slave trade and incursion, IPOB is pretending to save us from lithe and cowardly Fulani. But by the time what is now trending is over, IPOB shall have (both knowingly and unknowingly) sold us all out to the same Fulani it pretends to be up against; exactly like how its aforementioned oracles of old usurped Igboland and carted away three times more than other human cargoes from every other West African land.
With all that said, I say to Ndi Igbo, Stop World Igbo Congress, Ekwe Nche, Professor Obiozor’s Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, and other Imo/Abia-cornered Igbo bodies from supporting the killing of Ndi Igbo, and the pauperization of Igbo economy with idiotic sit-at-homes and Biafra Days!
Stop complaining under your wives, and step out and chest out like men with descendants to preserve and hand over to!
To circle back to the beginning of this writing, the lions and other creatures are far more sensible than us Ndi Igbo.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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