Eke, Mon. Mar. 16, 2020:

ASUU is the most selfish, greedy and wicked trade union in Nigeria. They don’t mind destroying their students in their ruinous endless strikes. They don’t consider the toll these continuous strikes take on their students and the socioeconomic implication of their actions.

Like uncaring elders, they would rather the country burns than finding a creative way to register their grievances if any. Many a student has died because of these incessant strikes. Many others, out of frustration, join dangerous gangs in search of soothing actions.

Just for a warning, two weeks long academic shutdown by ASUU is atrocious. Then when the real strike that’s is imminent begins, you can imagine the length and the concomitant destruction it’ll inflict on the society and the polity. The sad aspect of all these is that they will be paid for the period they were out of class rooms. Why should anyone be paid for a work he did not do? This is a systemic, humongous corruption of the highest order!

ASUU, like other critical institutions, e.g medical services, the police/military, etc., must understand their sensitive role in the socioeconomic lives if the people. They must come up, as a matter of patriotism, with a creative way of registering their grievances instead of these senseless but crippling academic shut downs.

FG needs to take a radical and decisive action against these lecturers who derive joy in shutting down the academic space and would at the end of the strike, request to be paid for the period of their absence from the classrooms. Such a punitive measure would instil discipline on these careless lecturers who find pleasure in inflicting heavy pains on the people they swore to tend.

By John Ayogu

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