The Igbo Revolution
Press Release #177
Nkwor Fri. 20 May 2022:
Igbo no na ugwu Awusa, you must defend yourselves and families against the Hausa-Fulani rioters and their elite instigators, who have again put out a circular to kill and burn the peace-loving citizens of this country in their midst.
Nobody anywhere in the world has the right to kill a law-abider. And, no government anywhere in the world has the right to encourage the killing of a law-abider.
By neither stopping nor rounding up the Hausa-Fulani criminal insurgents, President Muhammadu Buhari and his officials are committing a crime, too, and have no right to stop law-abiders from defending themselves and their families.
That the Hausa-Fulanis hate peace and progress cannot deny others their own entitlement to peace and progress.
And since the Hausa-Fulanis hate peace and progress so much, they might as well commit mass suicide.
But whereas they would not kill themselves, but will always be a nuisance; whereas they will always constitute themselves as blood-thirsty cannibals and arch-enemies of humanity, their neighbors must arm themselves with every weapon imaginable and be ready to massacre each and every one of them in self-defense.
Nigerians and resident aliens, arise to defend yourselves and families ferociously against Ndi Hausa-Fulani who gloat in gore. And don’t take fright because the Federal Government of Nigeria secretly sponsors their terrorism.
Igbo and others, prepare to kill your northern killers before they kill you. Everyone of them is fair game as they attack you with gasoline, mauls, guns, and machetes. For until they pay dearly in rivers of blood, they would not stop looting, maiming,killing and burning the sojourners among them.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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