Sat. 19 Mar. 2022:
The following article is from Encyclopedia Britannica, and the lesson of it here is to show Ndi Igbo that we are repeating the Jewish mistake that almost rendered them extinct.
And let me add that if our ongoing misbegotten agitation for either Biafra or Restructuring continues, our Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba persecutors will converge to repress us out of land.
And once we flee Igboland like the Jews fled Israel as from 133 AD, we will lose Igboland forever because (unlike the Jews who resorted to Judaism in their dispersion) we have not cultivated any Igbo faith to see us through, to sustain us, or to resort to:
Bar Kokhba Revolt, also called Second Jewish Revolt, (132–135 CE) was a Jewish rebellion against Roman rule in Judaea. The revolt was preceded by years of clashes between Jews and Romans in the area.
Finally, in 132 CE, the misrule of Tinnius Rufus, the Roman governor of Judaea, combined with the emperor Hadrian’s intention to found a Roman colony on the site of Jerusalem and his restrictions on Jewish religious freedom and observances (which included a ban on the practice of male circumcision), roused the last remnants of Palestinian Jewry to revolt.
A bitter struggle ensued. Bar Kokhba became the leader of this second Jewish revolt (see First Jewish Revolt [66–70]); although at first successful, his forces proved no match against the methodical and ruthless tactics of the Roman general Julius Severus.
With the fall of Jerusalem and then Bethar, the fortress to the southwest of Jerusalem where Bar Kokhba was slain, the rebellion was crushed in 135.
According to Christian sources, Jews were thenceforth forbidden to enter Jerusalem.
The Jews returned to Israel after almost 2,000 years of having lost it. And even at that, they paid dearly with their blood to regain a foothold in their land. And to this day, they are still paying in blood to sustain themselves in their land.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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