Afo Friday 08 January 2021:

Whether we call our apex political body Ohanaeze or Oranaeze, or another Igbo variant that is neither with a “h” nor with an “r” is the same thing and ten pence. We must enjoy our variations in spellings as we do in English.

At the beginning of next week, we shall have a new President-General. Half of the Imo State contestants to the position is not showing good prospects to be entrusted with that responsibility.

Professor George Obiozor’s resume may be intimidating, but that genial gentleman should not be elected president because his jovial, happy-go-lucky, pax-Nigeriana demeanor will be a baggage to our ethnic political leadership.

Dr. Chris Asoluka is already beggarly like an expatriate, or as though he were from a minority of minorities linguistic group. The taste of shit is in fart, and the apple does not fall far from the tree, etc.

Be that as it may, The Igbo Revolution hereby advices the incoming administration to pursue Igbo and eastern regional interests majestically. The leadership of Oranaeze Ndi Igbo is a mandate that must be discharged with utmost sobriety.

As Fulani terror increases in speech and deed against Igboland, the new Oranaeze President-General, our politicians, Ndi Ezes, and other Igbo leadership positions must work together in mutual respect to galvanize our ethnicity and region against our common threats.

The new Ohanaeze President-General must abjure clowning and complacency. Igbo is the most populous majority in any shape or form in this country. And to begin to genuflect under that weight is most disgusting.

With that said, we urge the electors to elect with the utmost sense of responsibility next week.

Chukwu ga na-agozi Igbo.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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