The Igbo Revolution Advisory

The Igbo Revolution
Press Release #152
Wednesday 14 July 2021:


Rising from its belated quarterly international teleconference that was anchored in Awka, The Igbo Revolution restated its ethnic-cum-regional stance in relation to the federal republic:

This Revolution will never squint at the resolve of other indigenous Nigerian nations to aid alien minority Fulanis to intern and handcuff Igbo away from any role in the governance of Nigeria, of which Igbo led into independence.

And This Revolution insists that the profiling and genocide against Igbo must end. And it does not matter who are committing or supporting both.

Hausa-Fulanis and Yorubas started and institutionalized the profiling and genocide, but of late (unfortunately) Ndi Igbo themselves have picked up both crimes for irresponsible reasons.

And with that said, This Revolution insists that any Igbo who support the killing of another Igbo or easterner, or who support the destruction of any property in Igboland or in eastern region, for whatever reason are enemies of Ndi Igbo.

We cannot make bricks without straw and at the same time sponsor accusers, neverdowells, and rabble-rousers with millions of pounds to burn down the little we built and lynch our people as saboteurs.

They that embezzle our ike keta o lie money to fly in private jets, lodge in five-star hotels, and wear designers’ are far worse than those who sally to the federal government to better their lots, comparatively.

Ndi Igbo, you cannot build up your land and then destroy it because your enemy is compatriots marginalizing you. It does not make sense today and it shall not make sense tomorrow.

Secondly, wolves in sheep clothing will goad you today to witch-hunt, and tomorrow they will loot you silly in collaboration with your marginalizes.

Igbo, you are not at all wiser than those who respect the lives of their own people and ensure the security of their own developments.

Embezzlers abound in America, England, China, Japan, India, etc. all the time. Protests happen there, too, yet they ensure no properties were lost; and when lost, they later fish out the culprits by aid of videos photographs and pictures to fine or imprison them.

Your ethnic compatriots (Yorubas, Hausa, Fulanis, etc.) are copying those developed countries in preserving what they have, and you are still harking back to obsolete violent revolutions that sealed the fates of France, Russia, and Cuba (for example)!

Finally, Ndi Igbo, let us politick to take our presidential turn in 2023. It is downright stupid to tout that you don’t need the presidency; that you need others to rule you and at the same time be fair to you.

It was exactly the same mindset that put you in your current mess. For in the 1990s and 2000s, you were touting that you didn’t need power. That you were just fine with your control of commerce.

Ndi Igbo, uwa nine na acho power, soso unu na achoro power! Onye di nzuzu? O bu uwa di nzuzu, ka o bu anyi di nzuzu?

Ya gazie.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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