Nkwo Saturday 06 February 2021:

My major worry here is that when important position is zoned to South South and the Igbo in that region decide to express interest, the other tribes are always quick to remind them of their igboness, thereby denying them of the opportunity; eg, Odili in 2007.

Some of you would remember what happened during electioneering period, how Edwin Clark, an Ijaw leader, released a Press conference insisting that Odili, an Igbo man can not usurp the position meant for the minorities. Now, he Odili, or any other from that area can not as well vie for same position when zoned to South East.

Recently, there has been calls for Nigeria President of Igbo extraction. After the campaign has gained momentum, raising hope and eligibility for Igbo in South South, some other people like Ayim Pius, took the podium to announced to Nigerians that only the Igbo in South East are qualified for the position.

So, I ask, where is the place of Igbo in South South?

By Edward Chigozie Stanley

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