The Igbo Revolution
Press Release #171
Nkwor Sat. 13 Nov. 2021:
This Revolution congratulates Professor Chukwuma Soludo on his election as Anambra State’s next Governor after Governor Willie Obiano.
This Revolution rooted for you during the contest because this Revolution believed that you were the most deserving of all the contestants.
You said that you would succeed Governor Obiano to build Anambra with perfect accountability? Well, Anambrains believed you and elected you to follow through with your pledge.
And with that said, Governor-elect, This Revolution hastens to add that you must surround yourself with your trusted security personnel at all times because the intra-Igbo forces that are out to destroy Anambra State may have been scared away by the federal forces, but neither scathed nor destroyed.
The IPOB forces (whether under the guise of ESN or UGM) are determined to destroy Anambra dynamos of Onitsha and Nnewi. Unfortunately, the same Anambra people they grunt to pauperize are the ones abetting their own pauperization.
In 2017, IPOB did all it could to deny Anambra a governorship, but it failed woefully. This time around it returned with vengeance and Anambra lost its illustrious medical doctors, other professionals, and many of its rank and file for absolutely nothing.
When the federal forces entered Anambra to enforce the election, the IPOB-flyby nights-we-feed-to-devour-us scurried back to their rat holes to lie as usual that they had listened to the elders and now urged the same people they discouraged from obtaining PVCs to now go out and vote!
And fools bought into that ugha!
In other words, Dr. Akunyili and numerous others were wasted for nothing?
Mr. Governor-elect, This Revolution urges you to tighten security around yourself and around Anambra State as you discharge your duties to Anambra State. Do not give in to this MASOP-inspired ill wind that has been destroying our old eastern region since 1999 under fluid guises.
Anambra is the head of Igboland, and IPOB is determined to behead Igbo for a rabble-rouser.
IPOB may for the second time not have succeeded in isolating Anambra into a war front between its ragtag army and federal logistics, but that does not mean that in 2025, it shall not triple its bile. To plan against that as from now should be the antidote.
Meanwhile, Anambraians should ask themselves two home-truth questions: 1, Why is it always only in Anambra State that IPOB wants no election? 2, And if there is no election in Anambra State, can IPOB (that always takes to its heels ahead of the federal forces) prevent the president from imposing a Sole-Administrator on Anambra State?
Those are questions family men and women answer correctly all over the world.
Ka udo chia na Anambra State.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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