Nkwo Friday 21 May 2021:

I Chudi Okudo the Teacher of The Igbo Revolution has decided, out of my own volition, to quit the political stage.

Politics anyway is not my calling but I had to plunge myself into it because my people faced an apparent danger.

I cannot concentrate on my calling while my house is on fire. So I had to come out to forestall that from happening. But now that it is obvious that no Biafra is afoot, I can now conveniently go back to my turf, which is religion.

My kindred spirit Chuma Oguagha the Pastor of The Igbo Revolution will hold fort. So far so good. We have defeated the devil who wants to make us go through the harrowing experience of another civil war.

I thank The Igbo Revolution for giving me the chance to serve. Together we have proved one point, that as the late American president put it, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR THAN FEAR.

My vote of thanks goes also to my readership, both those who read and comment and those who hide their heads like ostrich. I hereby quit!

By Chudi Okudo

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