Nkwo, Sun. Mar. 15, 2020:

This is a British and Commonwealth ceremony. Each regiment march with its ensign and wave its flag with the sovereign in attendance. It usually takes place every 2nd Saturday in June.

Now IPOB is planning their own match, this time around, in Washington DC this June. Probably, Nnamdi Kanu will be riding the piebald, while using his legs to control the rein. He will trot and engage in dressage too.

I believe that IPOB will effect live streaming of the event to viewers all over the world.

That spectacle will definitely catch the attention of the occupant of the Oval Office. And the Biafrans would seize that opportunity to remind that office what it promised Biafrans during its campaign.

However, I suggest that from there, let them shift to United Nations headquarters in New York and wave their flags there too, for more than 150 countries have recognized Biafra according Nnamdi Kanu!

And from there to Malborough, the headquarters of Commonwealth.

O bu ifea ka Ogidi ga emegide, wee mee Nwafo?

Chudi Okudo
The Teacher of The Igbo Revolution

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