Mon 04 April 2022:
When you do not know your right from your left, when you don’t know where you are coming from nor where you are going, when you don’t know your friends from your foes, or when your house is in disarray people talk to you and about you as they please.
Igbo is the only ethnic group in this country that individuals and nonentities cast aspersions on and get applauded and enriched for doing so!
It is pointless here (especially as Ndi Igbo are not bordered) to list recent public figures who have been openly cynical of Ndi Igbo since this fourth republic began in 1999.
Tunde Bakare, a televangelist at Lagos is the latest repeat cynic.
Hear him: The day Ndi Igbo killed Tafawa Balewa was the day he cursed them saying, “your tribe will never rule Nigeria.”
The self-acclaimed pastor then added that “God has instructed him to break the curse of Tafawa Balewa on the Igbo.”
I hope Igbo proponents of the Handshake Across the Niger and the Biafrans no na Imo State, to whom he was mouthing off his obscenity, bowed down and worshipped him, in addition to unloading their savings on him, for redeeming them from a Hausa-Fulani curse?
As from now, any from them can now become Nigerian President, hurray!
Tell the Yorubas that an Igbo or Hausa-Fulani man cursed their Yoruba nation, and let me see if they would ever stop cursing you. You won’t even attempt that at Hausa-Fulani people for the love of your life.
As for us Ndi Igbo, the more you denigrate and kill us, the more we cater, defend, and enrich you. Onye na e nwero ifele, ma o bu izubeneke, tolu ato.
Onye nwee nwoke tukwu ana a nyu nwamili gba aka.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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