Oye Saturday 23 January 2021:

The powerful also cry, one might say. The very reason why it is malapropos to grow green with envy over anybody’s supposed accomplishments.

The highest office in the land is the presidency and for one to attain that of the United States for example is no mean feat.

But everything in this life comes with a price. I want to use the presidency of America, especially the later-days presidents to buttress my point.

Ronald Reagan rode on the crest of goodwill of his people to the White House. Everything was rosy and the cowboy turned president was enjoying the razmatazz when suddenly an assassin’s bullet almost turned him to a vegetable.

Sequel to this was that of Bush’s travails. I mean George Bush jnr. He won an election and before he could settle down to business, little did he know that evil was lurking around.

Osama Bin Laden devastated his country. The young president was dazed, to say the least. But he quickly picked up the pieces of his life.

Then comes the flamboyant Bill Clinton, who defeated George Bush Snr. to become the 42nd president of America. His own travails was of a different hue.

He was the architect of his own misfortune. Unfortunately at a time, out of his own volition, he decided to combine business with pleasure.

The dashing Monica Lewisky, a White House intern, would loosen his flyers when they chanced upon each other and blow job would ensue.

He fell from grace and survived impeachment by whiskers. This incident alone would have destroyed his marriage too. It would have been a double tragedy for the handsome president.

However his wife, Hillary Clinton was the understanding type many would say. She was busy pleading to the American people to pardon her spouse.

But the truth of the matter was that she had her eyes on the main chance. She capitalized on this sleazy to catapault herself almost to the zenith. This dame is a fox, I make bold to say!

Now the politician who removed the fire from the eyes of this former First Lady was senator Barack Obama. He landed on the political terrain like a bolt out of the blue.

And just like his predecessors he caught the same bug. His own political albatross was gay marriage. Just tell me what on earth, a man of African descent would choose to be a proponent of same-sex marriage.

He was also the architect of his own misfortune. That his stance on this very controversial issue was a blemish to his honour.

How can a man of such stature be advocating for a union that cannot produce result? To say it mildly, this is immorality, more heinous than what was obtainable in Sodom and Gormorrah.

Barack Obama disappointed not a few including Africans who regarded him as an avatar of the gods.

Many progressives had high hopes that this mulatoo would come up with ideas that would better the lives of the people. But on the contrary, out of his own volition, he decided to play to the gallery. Sad. Very, very sad.

Now let me x-ray the nuances of one-term presidents. George Bush Snr. was a one term president. He had a sound tenure, no scandals and his approval rating was high. But, unfortunately, just before his re-election was about to take place, the economy nose-dived, and Bush crashed. The economy was his own undoing. Clinton ceased this opportunity and gave him a bloody nose at the polls.

This takes us to another one term president, by name Donald Trump. This maverick politician bulldozed his way to the seat of power. He was coasting to victory in terms of reelection when this pandemic called Coronavirus hit the United States and the world.

To make matters worse, the sitting president, because of his Recklessness, contacted the disease. But as luck would have it, he recovered quickly and bounced back, and became more reckless even.

This unwholesome attitude of his, caused many citizens of his country to lose their lives. In a situation where the president was claiming that he had more knowlege about the pandemic than the health workers themselves. What do you expect?

But before the last election date, he was having a premonition that he would be rejected at the polls. And what did he do?

He started threatening that if he loses, that he would not step down. This was unprecedented in the history of United States of America.

However as a sign that a sit-tight president, as we use to have in Africa has come to stay at the Oval Office, he ordered his supporters to storm the Capitol Hill.

They did and the rest is now history. In the horrific encounter that ensued, four people lost their lives. This misadventure of Donald Trump’s dovetails to what one can call the Tough luck of the Biden’s administration.

Biden was expectant that he would be the president of America. But never in his
wildest imagination did he anticipate to have all these bottlenecks the out-going president is putting on his path.

That is his own political albatross, but he is weathering the storm. For Trump had shamelessly threatened that he would not be present at the swearing-in ceremony and he made good his threat.

Moreso he did not take the in-coming president around the White House. Thank God that Biden is not new there. For this is the environment that is as familiar to him as the back of his hands!

Biden has hit the ground, running. He had signed about 15 executive orders. Good start, one would say. Nevertheless the recent happenings in the United States have shown all and sundry how fragile this democracy we practise is.

This system of govt needs to be handled gingerly like a dynamite and even a dynamite would explode if the need arises.

Trump had anticipated to reenact what Putin is doing in far-away Russia but he failed woefully.

Down with dictatorship! Down with despotism! Down with fascism!

As it is in the United States of America, so it is all over the countries of the world. We must all endeavour to ensure that the will of the people always prevails.

Like I mentioned before, everything comes with a price. And secondly, there is no need feeling jealous over anybody’s success.

Biden/Harris presidency has scaled the hurdle. After rain then comes sunshine. The coast is now clear. From all indications, they are sure-do going to have a hitchfree tenure.

Let all Americans lend their support to them. For the task before them is huge. But I am optimistic that they will deliver the dividends of democracy to their people. I wish the new administration we have in God’s own country, God’s speed!

Chudi Okudo
The Teacher of The Igbo Revolution

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