Oye Tuesday 19 January 2021:

So said the United States of America’s law makers, when the megalomaniac, whom the people mistakenly put in the Oval Office wanted to use the mob to carry out a coup de’tat.

As you all know the legislature is the bedrock of democracy. And when the very foundation of democracy was shaken in the country that prides itself as the bastion of democracy, it stood like the rock of Gibraltar!

My surname is Okudo but kudos should go to this courageous men of honour for stamping their feet, for their firm resolve that the needful must be done.

For what the fainthearted has failed to realise in this world is this dictum: NO PAINS, NO GAINS. Now wire this to the shenanigans that is playing out in Igbo land. Where this outlaw called Nnamdi Kanu is manipulating our reverred elders on his index finger.

And to the chagrin of all political speculators, they are now talking tongue in cheek. But, if I may ask, when will our elders reiterate what the US Law makers have stated? One might ask why synchronizing them with Igbo elders and not their counterparts in Nigeria. That is a good allusion, for their collegues in Nigeria are nothing but busybodies.

Also the Hausa elders are not less culpable for they left Boko Haram to thrive until they became a Frankenstein monster.

Nevertheless, my target audience are neither the Nigerian legislators nor the Hausa elders. There is no gain saying the fact that charity begins at home. Therefore my grouse is with the Igbo elders.

If the Northerners are sceptical about checkmating their hot heads, that is their own cup of tea. And we must stop making outsiders to detect the trend for us, especially in a situation where immorality and vice are involved.

Invariably if they are treating their outlaws with kid gloves, we are duty bound to behave differently. Because if you don’t say I AM, nobody would say THOU ARE.

What I am saying in essence is that the way Igbo elders treat these trouble shooters in Igbo land leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

For how can you reconcile the fact that even the last of the titians, chief Mbazuruike Amaechi, was even indulging them, urging our governors to come to a compromise with this despot, called Nnamdi Kanu.

I am ashamed of myself that a Zikist could commit such faux pas. Telling our elected governors to pitch tent with a rogue who wants to take their heads off. A street urchin who had the effontery to denigrate the great Zik.

The Boy-is-good, what is happening? Have you gone senile? Even you? Are you angling for mob rule to be established in Igbo land? Wonders shall never cease! I am sure Zik of Africa would be stirring in his grave.

And as if this blunder was not enough, another reverred elder of Igbo extraction, by name Professor Nwabueze started pandering to these zealots. Can you imagine!

So much so that at a time, he ceased to be
their grand patron. That was how a professor of constitutional law of international repute descended from the sublime to the ridiculous!

But the incident that really took the biscuit was the one that involved the erstwhile deputy president of the senate, Dr. Ike Ekweremmadu.

This unfortunate incidence happened in far away Germany. For no just cause, Nnamdi Kanu unleashed his attack dogs on the highest Igbo political office holder then.

We were yet to come to terms with that show of shame that was unprecedented in our annals when the victim himself came out and announced publicly that he had forgiven his attackers.

Everybody was taken back by that pronouncement! What is wrong with Igbo elders? You are forgiving a villian of the peace who has not shown any sign of remorse, but rather scheming for a better chance to have you killed?

Consequently, when he made that unsolicited pardon, what readily came to my mind was to commit suicide.

But with the benefit of hindsight, if I had taken my life then, I would not be able to witness the way other senators in other climes, especially the United States, operate.

Dr. Ekweremmadu must have heard what transpired recently in God’s own country, where senators like him vowed that they would not be intimidated by mob.

Had it been that Ekweremmadu and co. had professed such firm resolve in the discharge of their duty, as the US house members did, by now our troubles would be as good as over. Nigeria would be looking brand new.

This discourse reminds me of two incidences that happened in Lagos and Enugu. The former had to do with Halloway, who was at a time the head of Ogboni franternity. During his funeral, there was scuffle between the clergy and the laity because the deceased was a philantropist. What the church authorities did was to call in the cops and had all those formenting trouble, arrested.

But a similar incidence took a different dimension in Enugu. It happened that Igbo leaders of thought converged in Enugu to confer a posthumous award on the Great Zik. When Nnamdi Kanu got wind of it, he quickly arranged his touts to disrupt the event. Our brass hats, including the former chieftain of Oraneze, professor Ben Nwabueze, were manhandled.

The victims did not call in the Police as the church in Martin’s street, Lagos, did. Neither did they take the punitive measure like Mike Pence to serve as a deterrent to others.

Let all those thinking that they can come through the back door to rule the Igbo world, perish that thought because it will never work. We have passed through that hot crucible during the time one 33-year-old youth rode roughshod on us. Therefore, never again.

Let us borrow a leaf from The Igbo Revolution that vowed not to be intimidated by the mob. And now the Capitol Hill has reiterated same.

If we can endeavour to make this gospel truth our mantra, at village level, at town level and even at state level, I bet you, the devil would take the hindmost.

The Awful Horror would be pulled down. The Dragon worship would peter out. And we shall start using our reason instead of our emotions to act.

Henceforth, Igbo elders, governors, don’t give tuppence whose ox is gored. Always stamp your feet for you have nothing to fear than fear. And let this maxim be your watch-word, WE CANNOT BE INTIMIDATED BY MOB.

Chudi Okudo
The Teacher of The Igbo Revolution

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