The Igbo Revolution
Press Release#114

45 million Igbo aren’t scared of 5 million Fulanis. They are only a fraction of us. And they are neither richer than us nor stronger physically than us. Additionally, we are by miles more educated than them and more traveled.

Igbo is scared that 45 million Yorubas and 40 million Hausas will again gang up the minorities to fight for Fulani.

It is our fear of that indigenous backstabbing that has led us to standby in agony as Fulani cow-raping guerrillas (known as herdsmen) invade our region to also rape our women and butcher our men.

Shame on Edom, otherwise known as Yorubas, for usurping human rights activism and Christianity in Nigeria with nothing to show for it other than treacheries and betrayals to themselves and to other Nigerians.

Because of Igbo fear of another Yoruba-Hausa gang up of others, the Fulani menace now threatens to Fulanize our country, of which they contributed nothing in freeing from the British colonial yoke in 1960.

But as the Fulani alien minority massacres and threatens the three huge majorities of Nigeria, Igbo as one of the huge majorities of this country must as a matter of urgency start right now to pre-empt its own showdown with Fulanis.

We cannot wait for our other two indigenous majorities (Hausa and Yoruba) to agree with us to fight Fulanis. Historically, such an alliance never happened. And the prognosis today indicates that such an alliance cannot occur.

Hausa as the second majority was finished by Fulanis by 1805, and if British imperialism didn’t checkmate Fulani conquest by 1905 (as prophesied by Moslem marabouts), Fulani would have also conquered Yoruba land.

Hausas and Yorubas ganged up our indigenous minorities in 1966 to fight us for Fulani. They completely destroyed us in servitude to aliens they were far better than. And given the opportunity again, they will do the same.

And so therefore, Ndi Igbo, we must not give them another opportunity to carry out their folly again at our expense again.

In 1966, we refused to fight back because we thought our fellow indigenous ethnicities would stand up for us as we stood for them. They didn’t; rather envy drove them to pick up the fight from Fulani.

In 1964, we refused to massacre the Tivs for Premier Ahmadu Bello. Brigadier Samuel Ademulegun willingly did that for Bello’s military promotion over Aguiyi-Ironsi, which never happened.

In 1966, four Igbo majors overthrew our fledgling democracy in order to not only save Yorubas from Fulani but to also get the leader of Yorubas out of prison and crown him the Prime Minister of the country.

Those were some of the unrequited ways Igbo fought to preserve the diversity and liberty of Nigeria.

And that said, we must now convene paid vigilantes in our towns and states. Igbo in the Diaspora should start rightaway to pay for vigilante services in their respective towns, and such neighboring towns as haven’t people abroad.

Our states should also start their own overseer vigilantes for our forests and frontiers.

In addition to the above, everybody in Igboland should now start practicing on how to use guns, machetes, bows and arrows, and pikes and javelin.

Also, put a distance between you with your people and the HausaFulani sojourners in our land. Let our interaction with them be strictly businesslike.

Treat them the way they treat our people in their places. If you don’t, and think you will re-invent the wheel (that you will convert them to become as well-meaning as you are, in other words), you and your loved ones may never survive their impending massacre to recount your ordeal.

Ndi Igbo, weputa nu iru unu ji anyu nsi right now. Stop all clowning and self-debilitating njakili.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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