Yesterday July 5th’s Self-Deceit of Southern Governors

The Igbo Revolution
Press Release #150
Tuesday 06 July 2021

Forget about it. Nigerian majority nationalities (Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo) are hellbent on destroying themselves and their fellow indigenes. Yesterday’s charade at Lagos again confirmed it to the not-so-gullible.

What is the meaning of north-south rotational presidency other than to perpetuate the status quo of Fulani/Yoruba dictatorship that only changed garb as “democracy” since 1999?

At this late hour that President Muhammadu Buhari is sponsoring his fellow Fulani aliens to repeople, infiltrate, invade, and depeople us indigenes, rather than uphold the only bulwark that could save us and our self-rule (whether collectively or ethnically), from ultimate Fulani jihadism, Yorubas cannot stop themselves from continuing to dip their hands into our cookie jar.

There are so many bullet points in yesterday’s ‘irresolution’ that unmask the insincerity of the Yorubas to any southern forum: 1) Singing the praises of the law enforcements, and 2) lip-service condemnation of Buhari’s effort to whittle down petroleum-derivation outlay; to mention just two.

But by far most important is the power sharing. And that is what This Revolution focuses on here.

The saying: Seek you the political kingdom first and other things shall be added unto you, is as true and factual as 1+1=2.

This fourth republic came to power on the understanding that power should henceforth be shared among six geopolitical zones. Since then Yoruba (Obasanjo), Fulani, (Yar’dua), Jonathan (south-south), and Fulani (Buhari) have ruled. And Yoruba again is jostling for another shot, either through Vice President Yemi Osinbajo or through his benefactor Bola Ahmed Tinubu. What else could be so callous and disintegrating?

This Revolution calls on Ndi Igbo, Middlebeltans, and south-southerners to begin to not only call out the Yorubas, but to also put their feet to the fire to shut down Yoruba collaboration with Fulani against this country. Without the tacit Yoruba cooperation, Fulanis cannot be riding roughshod on southerners and middlebeltans.

As Yorubas strive to steal the next presidency that is the turn of Ndi Igbo, Ndi Igbo themselves must not compromise their turn no matter what. Why must we for a southern unity, which Yorubas are clearly not ready for.

Igbo, tua nu elo like a majority and galvanize yourself and others as one to gain power in 2023 from Fulani and its Yoruba southern agency.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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