Oye, Thu. Apr. 02, 2020:

Once you cut Yorubas from Biafran wealth…they will sit up. For their focus is to remain subservient to Fulani murderers, hoping against hope it will be their turn to act as stooges for the Fulanis…then like a pack of hyena they will loot billions of dollars of oil money, then use the Lagos Ibadan press to blame it on Igbos.

They don’t care about the future. Yorubas are clever like Chief Awolowo.

They’re not wise, otherwise Chief Awolowo would have known his fate with the Fulanis after the war.

Tinubu is like Chief Awolowo in this respect.
There are many Yorubas who like things the way it is…only very, very few wise men are thinking beyond 10yrs time.

I heard one from Cele saying that Igbos are the biggest problem Yorubas have in their lives…his reasons are that Igbos are building houses and markets (Land sold by Yorubas to Igbos, so when it is developed by the Igbo buyer it becomes a problem), he said Igbos bring in fake products from abroad. Where is the Customs?

By the way what stops him from opening a Pharmacy store and employ a licensed Pharmacist to supervise him as the Igbos do?

He claimed he is a prophet but we know that the last Prophet was John the Baptist.
Jesus now called ALL OF US who are Christians. That’s why Paul was a tent maker and warned us about people like him that come with doctrines outside what he told us.
Roman 16v17&18.

Who will remind him that ALL Yoruba Millionaires and Billionaires since 1970s got their wealth from Igbo oil dollars.

All school fees paid in dollars by Yorubas for their children abroad is from Biafran petro-dollars. All medical and frivolous payments and remittance from Nigeria to abroad by the Yorubas are done with Igbo oil money.

All imports sustaining the Yorubas are not from cocoa money it is Biafran Oil Petrodollars…
Julius Berger gets Igbo Crude oil as payment for building Yorubaland and Abuja…

He should go and think before talking nonsense.

By Patrick Okobia

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