Zik Re-incarnates

Oye Fri. 19 Nov. 2021:
117 years ago in 1904, he came to dwell among us.
25 years ago in 1996, he left to join our ancestors, after 92 marvelous years with us.
After a generation of watching us grope in the dark, I have reasons to believe that he has reincarnated. The signs are all there.
The APGA government in charge of Anambra state for the last 15 years has made today a public holiday in commemoration of his birth.
The old Premier’s Lodge in Enugu where he once lived has been renovated by the Enugu state government and would open to the public next year. Tourists would have a glimpse of his hallowed memorabilia there.
Most importantly, someone that believes strongly in his eminent aspirations has been elected governor of Anambra state. On page 5 of his campaign manifesto published in September 2021, he said:
“Our manifesto derives from a firm belief that despite the defects of the current federal system, there is sufficient room to maneuver and fully exploit synergies and complementarities with the FGN, and other states, Development Financial Institutions (DFIs), and private sector to build a livable and prosperous state. It is also based upon the belief that the Igbo, as a nascent global tribe, need Nigeria, Africa, and the world to maximize their economic potential.”
Nnamdi Azikiwe has reincarnated!!
From Yar’Adua Center in Abuja to remote villages in Zungeru and all over the country, Nigerians gathered to celebrate the revered presence of the great Zik of Africa today.
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By Mbe Nwaniga

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