Eke, Fri. Mar. 20, 2020:

I see Igbo frustration [and] vituperation as anguish of wishful thinking. It’s about a specific set of people who had wished Zik brought everything winsome to them without giving anything as sacrifice to others.

Those who wished Zik was an angel as powerful as ‘Michael,’ yet, they love to remain the property of Ha Satan in the business scapes of Nigeria.

Their investments run into billions outside Ala Igbo. The loss—human and materials—of the recent Lagos Trade Fair, would be 98% nke Ndị Igbo!

Scorn their hypocrisy and 21st century ignorance because in the clime without the Zik of their discomfiture, they are all over Nigeria building mortgages and playing national politics.

Ingratitude is worse. Zik was the legislator that helped shape the West but was shown ingratitude by the beneficiary Yorubas. We are talking of a whimsical –thinking that the man who was initially tribalized by Awolowo will be foolish to entertain any bargain of partnership with him without Awolowo first proving he had become worthy of such enterprise. The real fool is he who in spite of the letdown went ahead to discuss secession with Awolowo!

When it was clear the super powers Britain and Russia is in partnership to wipe off the Igbo, the same Zik threw-in the towel to save Ndị Igbo from total annihilation as planned.

By Okechukwu Lawrence

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